Leggendo qua e là in internet si inizia a parlare di un nuovo tour di Springsteen e la E-street band nel 2011.

You’ve heard about the folks over in Australia giddy over the rumor of a 2011 Springsteen tour that would hit the Land Down Under. So what if there’s no reputable source, and it will probably turn out to be The Wiggles instead? They can dream, can’t they?
From our perspective here (“here” meaning “closer to Jersey than Sydney”), though, any tour rumor is a good rumor. Because eventually, tour rumors turn into tour realities — it sometimes just takes a while. But there’s ample evidence that the promised year-or-so off for Bruce and the band might wind up being shorter than anticipated:
1) The man is clearly invested in this material. I always get a kick out of seeing Springsteen described as “press-shy” — that may have been true once upon a time, but these days he’s basically basking in the media spotlight. The fact that he’s turning up for all these guest spots, red carpets and Q&A’s says that he wants this material out in front of his fans — and what better way to get it there than through, you know, playing it?
2) All that “sooner rather than later” talk from the band. Could be wishful thinking, but Max in particular seems to beat the “sooner” drum (awkward analogy intended) whenever he can. Even the recuperating Clarence seems eager to get back on the road, judging from his performances this past summer.
3) Did you see Springsteen with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon? Methinks he wants to play. And not just atWoody’s Roadside Tavern either.
Of course, there’s always the chance that Springsteen will start off with some other combo — the Sessions Band, a Bruce Springsteen Trio of Bruce, Garry and Max (OK, we’ll call it a quartet and throw Roy in too), a Springsteen/Roots tour, so he can raid Fallon’s show like he used to do Conan’s. Then there’s the solo tour possibility — or maybe we’ll be waiting another year and a half or so for a full-fledged E Street outing, like they said in the first place.
Well, the one good thing about not knowing — we can indulge in more uninformed speculation! And that is why God invented the blogosphere.

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