Bootleg video multicamera della serata conclusiva del Leg Europeo del Magic tour registrato allo stadio Camp Nou di Barcelona il 20 luglio 2008.

Il commento del creatore, Amos:

complete show, 5-cam mix, Crystal Cat audio dubbed, 16:9, PAL

As I did with my Milano 2007 mix, I tried to keep every best available picture on screen, trying not to miss any interesting moment of the show.
The greatest problem is that only 1 complete source is available. For this reason, there are some songs that are a single-cam. In the same way, in the moments where Bruce was off-stage, I had to keep the only camera that focused on him... hand-held and shacky.
For these reasons I'm not completely satisfied with this job... but it's the best I could do with the poor (and incomplete) material I had. I still believe that the dvds are enjoyable and capture the atmosphere of that hot hot last show in Barcelona

Nonostante l' opinione di Amos lo trovo superiore al suo lavoro di Milano 2007.

Buona visione.

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