For Those Who Were There That Night 08.06.1981

Bootleg della Doberman che nonostante quanto indicato in copertina è la testimonianza del concerto di Springsteen dell' 8 giugno 1981 e non del 7 giugno.

La scaletta presa dal sito BruceSpringsteen indica:

01 Prove it all night
02 Out in the street
03 10th avenue freeze-out
04 Darkness on the edge of town
05 Factory
06 Independence day
07 Two hearts
08 Who'll stop the rain?
09 The promised land

10 Trapped
11 This land is your land
12 The river
13 Badlands
14 Thunder road
15 Hungry heart
16 You can look (but you better not touch)
17 Cadillac ranch
18 Sherry darling
19 Jole Blon
20 Fire
21 I wanna marry you
22 Drive all night
23 Ramrod
24 Rosalita (Come out tonight)
25 Jungleland
26 Born to run [with Pete Townshend]
27 Detroit Medley [with Pete Townshend]
28 Rocking all over the world [?]

Last two tracks feature Pete Townsend. Show was rescheduled from 27th March. Rockin' all over the world has been added because it appears on the Doberman release, but was not otherwise known to have been played.

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Anonimo ha detto...

la setlist è del 7 però.....l'8 suonò:

The Ties That Bind
Prove It All Night
Out in the Street
Darkness on the Edge of Town
Follow That Dream
Johnny Bye Bye
Jackson Cage
Two Hearts
The Promised Land
The River
This Land Is Your Land
Who'll Stop the Rain?
Thunder Road
You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
Cadillac Ranch
Sherry Darling
Hungry Heart
Jole Blon
I Wanna Marry You
Racing in the Street
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
Born to Run
Detroit Medley
Rockin' All Over the World

tsitalia ha detto...

La scaletta della copertina è giusta, solo la data è errata.