Dopo anni questo vecchio bootleg di Springsteen è ancora nudo, chi gentilmente mi manda
la copertina?

Title: Born With Nothin' In Hands - Remastered Born To Run Outtakes
Label: Ev2
Format: 1CD
Source: Studio
Date: March - July 1975
Location: The Record Plant, New York City, NY (except where noted)

Disc One:
01 Thunder Road
02 Night
03 Born To Run [b]
04 A Love So Fine [b]

05 Backstreets
06 Walking In The Street [a]
07 Lonely Night In The Park
08 Jungleland
09 Linda Let Me Be The One
10 Thunder Road
11 She's The One
12 Backstreets
13 The Heist
14 Thunder Road


01 Solo acoustic
02 Double tracked vocal
03 W/ female chorus
04 Instrumental
05 Includes strings
06 Also known as "Lovers In The Cold" [a]
07 Should be considered a rough run-through take at best
08 Includes strings
09 May have been the last song ruled out from inclusion on the LP
10 Sax is more prominent throughout, but especially on the intro
11 Different lyrics, some lines included later in 'Backstreets', original title 'Virgin Summer Nights'.
12 Alternate version with strings
13 Take 16, horn varies from released take
14 'Chrissy version', minor lyric changes

[a] According to recent information, this track was only played and recorded the one time,
and the master tape could not be found for the release of Tracks, it may be lost.
[b] Recorded at 914 Sound Studios, Blauvelt, NY 10/74


'Remastering' information:

Main source: War & Roses, ES49
Source for tracks 8, 12: 'Treasures From The Vault'
Source for track 7: 'Rise Like The Rain'

Every track edited, in the beginning this was going to be a 3 cd set - I had originally 56 tracks (edited), but ended up
using only these 14.
I tried to get the best possible sound quality but still include as much variation as possible - some tracks sound a bit

This is just something I did every now and then when I got tired of editing the live shows.


" There were two outtakes from Born To Run: 'Linda Let Me Be The One' is on Tracks,
and there was another one called 'Walking in The Street' which I would have liked to have put on,
but I couldn't find the master. We searched and searched. It might have been simply recorded over, because in those days,
if something wasn't going to make it, you're going to need that tape so you recorded something else over the top.
" - B. Springsteen, MOJO Magazine interview 1999.

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