Continuano le prove per il tour di Working on a dream.

Ieri Springsteen non si è visto come riportato dal solito Stan:

All the action moved over to Convention Hall today.
It apparently was a rehearsal for Max's son, Jay, to learn the material.
No Bruce, Clarence, Steve, Patti or Soozie.

Roy, Charlie, Max, Garry and Nils were there along with Jay.

They ran through a bunch of different songs, with Jay Weinberg playing along.

Songs rehearsed today (with Nils doing the vocals) were:
1. Jungleland 2. Night 3. Beacuse The Night. 4. Badland 5. Adam Raised a Cain 6. American Land 7. Working on the HIghway 8. The Rising 9. Last To Die 10. Long Walk Home 11. Out In the Street 12. Cover Me 13. She's The One and 14. Bobby Jean.

I see someone else posted that they did Backstreets but no one I talked to could confirm that. Same with Candys Room.

Some of the songs they worked on a few times and others they played straight through.

Very cold and a bit windy down on the boardwalk. About a dozen fans around.
Garry, Max and Roy signed autographs on their way in this morning.
A fan asked Jay Weinberg to sign an autograph on his way out and he was happy to do it.

A questo punto non credo ci siano più dubbi su chi sostituirà Max.

Speriamo che le scalette non diventino troppo statiche.

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