Sembra ormai certo, anche per scarsità di tempo e feste varie ed eventuali, che il leg europeo del tour Working on a dream sarà estivo.

Ovviamente niente è ancora sicuro, anzi.

Cosa positiva è che Nils per l' estate avrà recuperato completamente dopo l' operazione del mese scorso come si può leggere sul suo blog:

Inviato: Mer Dic 17, 2008 1:18 pm
13 dic 2008, 09.00

Nils Notes

Hello everyone, hope you're all in good health and spirits. I've completed lesson 7 for the Beginner's Guitar School. We hope to have it on line this week sometime. Thanks for the continued feedback on the guitar lessons. It's very helpful and I welcome it. Still doing physical therapy for my two new hips. It's a new adventure in discipline and patience. My goal is still to be in performing shape to start doing shows this spring. Obviously if E St. tours I'll be there. Otherwise, we'll start planning the acoustic shows. Please take care of yourselves this crazy holiday season. Amy and I send our prayers and best wishes to all.

Peace and Believe - Nils

Staremo a vedere.

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